ASH Designs: Video Installation in California, USA

September 21, 2018


My first international group exhibition - 

‘Loss & Lucidity (The Lost & Found)'



"An exhibition of contemporary artwork investigating the misplaced, the missed and the mended"


- Diana Ali, Curator.

In collaboration with Santa Ana Art Gallery and Director, Phil Marquez.



"The exhibition explores what it is to lose something, someone, some direction and some sense of self. But is it so bad to be a flaneur, flaneuse, in wanderlust, in terra incognita, a nomad, a shaman, a drifter?"



ASH Designs: Video Installation (3m50s)


This is my story of personal transformation. From experiencing paralysing dizziness and ill-health, to finding inner balance and purpose. Moving from the city to the a remote island to do so. Symbolised by the use of powerful geometric shape, the pyramid or diamond. A beacon of hope. Inspiring others to create positive change. 



The short film documents the unveiling my new Kinetic Art Installation (with Video Mapping) to the local community on the remote Isle of Lewis, in Scotland.



Thank you to Creative Scotland National Lottery and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar for the part-funding and farewell for now as I take Fractal Eyes on my journey around the world.


Read more here:



It's wonderful to see people engaging with my video installation in the USA.


How many people can I bring together through my art, in how many different places? Time will tell...and I'm excited to see!


With love,


Alex x

ASH Designs 


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