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System Change Hive

Hidden Paths VR 

Starting in February 2019 - Alex is proud to be an Artist in -  a creative hub co-creating a vision for a better world, an interdisciplinary project.


The HIVE brings artists, creative coders and sound artists together to learn about systems change and sustainability transitions from leading academic experts. So this sharing of information, skills and perspectives to amplify our shared vision as a catalyst for change.

"Here is a video excerpt of one of the pathways explored in the virtual reality experience, a museum of futures, created by our artists. In the actual VR headset experience of course, you could choose to look anywhere around you in the 360, but this little video should still give you a sense of it. Other pathways not featured here included transformations in nature, and in money. Big thanks to Cliff Crawford for creating this video excerpt!" -

Read more about the VR Team:

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